Qualifications for Joining the Specialized Forces

Becoming a specialized officer in the specialized forces requires one to not only be tough but also very intelligent. The specialized officers training is among the most stringiest and thorough trainings in the military. In the United States, specialized army officers are referred to as the “Army’s Green Berets” and they are among the most respected and feared officers in the forces.

You should be able to withstand a tough training and face some of the hardest challenges an individual can encounter in his/her life head-on. If you have a jelly heart, then forget about enrolling as a specialized officer because you will lay down your arms in no time. They are not referred to as specialized by default; they earn every letter in that title.

Only men are allowed into the specialized forces. I am sorry ladies, but you can not enroll as specialized officers however good you might be. However designed this unit might have had his own reasons, the reasons I am not at liberty to contemplate. Furthermore, the young men should be aged between twenty and thirty years, this is for the United States Green Berets. This requirement may vary from country to country and hence it is important that you try and find out what applies in your country. Men who fall in this age bracket are at their most productive stage, full of energy and ambition. These are the traits that define a specialized officer in any specialized force.

The United States army has its doors open to any person in the world with the prerequisite qualifications to serve in the army. The case is very different in the specialized forces. You cannot become a Green Beret unless you are a bona fide citizen of the United States. The same trend is replicated in other countries. The reason is very simple, no country can risk sharing any of its delicate information with an alien, whether you sacrifice your right eye to prove your loyalty, you cannot become a Green Beret unless you are a citizen of the US.

Academically, you need to be at least a high school diploma graduate to be considered. Your chances of being accepted are further strengthened if you posses exemplary grades in your certificates. It is usually easier for the enrolling officers to separate chaff from wheat through the General Technical training. It is mandatory that you attain a score of 107 or higher in the General Technical Training. Further to that, you have to further attain a combat operations score of 98 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Sailing through these tests is an uphill task that requires a well equipped sharp mind, if you lack the intellect to handle this, then the specialized forces is not for you.

You are further required to qualify and volunteer for the airborne training as well as qualify for a secret security clearance. The training is tedious and unless you gunner a minimum of 60 points in each level, you are barred from continuing to the next level. This means that you need to aim for very high scores in every training level to secure your slot in the team. Further to that, you need to be physically perfect. You have to attain an overall minimum score of 229 on the Army Physical Fitness tests.

Lastly, you must sail through the Pre-Basic Task list. These conditions may seem so stringent but it is because of the nature of the job. Although the conditions listed here are basically for the United State’s Green Berets, the difference between countries is very minor. If you have what it takes, then you can consider enrolling; what I almost forgot highlighting is that their remuneration and benefits package are very handsome.

Personal Attributes of a Successful Specialized Forces Officer

Becoming a military officer can prove to be the best career for people in possession of a set of qualifications. Before we list the attributes, it is vital to point out that the army is not your ordinary job. This is one area that flip flops are cot accommodated and orders are respected like laws without question. Since specialized officers operate in teams, it is important to note that team spirit is what makes a team, individuality and desire to take credit and act the hero is not entertained at all. If you desire to become a celebrity, I would selflessly advise you to get to the studios and rant some lines in the microphone or become an actor, but not in the army.

By enrolling into the military, you partially put aside a few earthly pleasures enjoyed by your peers. Bringing up a family may be hard, promotions are hard to come by in the specialized forces and personal recognition, as earlier mentioned are hard to come by.

A specialized officer should be disciplined; is the main reason they are referred to as disciplined forces. Discipline is highly recommended. Chaotic fellows may find it hard in the specialized forces. This is what holds the forces together. It cuts across all the units, from the junior officers to the most senior ones. By respecting your seniors and your juniors, they will do the same and you will love and be happy in your job.

Leadership skills are vital in specialized forces. Being a leader does is not necessary always denoted by a title. You can be put in charge of a tiny team to handle a task and you must motivate your team, make them believe in the mission at hand. You must inspire those under your command to follow orders. Don’t think that leaders are always born, it can also be learned. Remember that a good leader also listens to his subjects; listen to what your team has to say about your mission before forging ahead.

Intelligence is another very important quality that a specialized officer must posses. You must be able to approach problems and challenges logically and come up with workable solutions. Only the very bright ones survive in the specialized forces for they come up with solutions to the problems they encounter as opposed to waiting for instructions from their seniors on every challenge they encounter.

Further to that, a specialized officer should be an individual of high integrity. The forces are not a place to harbor personal grudges. You need to be honest at all times to be trusted. Also, you have to be organized. Disorganized individuals may fins the life in the forces unendurable but if you know how to plan your time, space, resources and anything else around you, then you may have an easy life in the military.

Bravery and total lack of fear is another very important characteristic someone must posses. What matters during operations is to do your best and ensure that the mission is a success as failure does not ring a bell to specialized officers. Cowardice is a vice in specialized forces and should not be entertained at all.

There are many other personal attributes that one must posses to survive in the specialized forces. All you need to do is ensure that what you do at all time is for the good of the operation at hand, which can only succeed with your collected efforts and input.

Annie Duke! A famous Poker Lady

Poker is not only played by men. In fact, lots women are earning name in the history of Poker. One of the famous ladies is Annie Duke. She is a beautiful lady who plays poker beautifully. The uniqueness of Annie Duke is not only because of her gender, but also is that she did not have Poker background. She is not equip with knowledge and skills on playing poker. Annie Duke earns the name in very start by achieving world tournaments bracelets and titles. She played a remarkable game from the very start of her game. Annie Duke is world’s best female poker player.

Annie Duke won a world series of Poker bracelets in 2004 Omaha Hi-low and earns $2,000 in the series. In the same year (2004) she achieved inaugural ESPN invitational WSOP Tournament of Champions. She stood first among the top ten poker players who earn 2 million dollars. She was the only female among the top ten player’s list. She won many world tournaments by her strange and unique game. She read the face of the person in front of her table to be able to know which hand she is playing, and then takes the necessary steps to defeat the opponent.

Family life of Annie Duke

Annie Duke is not only a professional player on 888 Poker, but also a family oriented person. She has four children to support. Her brother was a professor and she herself is well educated person. She wants to be a pilot. She studied Psychology in one of the prestigious universities. This study of Psychology helped her great in the table of poker. Through Psychology background, she was able to read the mind of her opponents. Annie Duke has a very charming personality. She is an extrovert and wished to have a normal and social life.

Game of Annie Duke

Annie Duke normally wants to play with the well known challengers. She wants to have a challenging game. She has a world record that she earns most cash at WSOP among the female poker players. In 2006 Poker World Series, she took up to 88th place out of 8,773 players. She earn in that series $51,129. In 1999 and 2003, she was runner up of bracelet in WSOP limit Hold’em.

She used to play mixed ring game at Bellagio Las Vegas. She writes several articles in Omaha Hi-Low. Annie Duke is not much interested in playing ladies only events on sites like BigEdgePoker.com, but she wants to defeat the men in the table of Poker. She thought that she can conquer and defeat men opponents. This has made her a great poker player ever. She also plays on online poker games.

Annie Duke is no doubt a female of art of Poker. She knows how to play the game well. She also gives consultancy to the new players. Among the females, she is the most wanted personality. She wears very soothing dresses which appeals her fans. She is famous among the men also.

PokerStars Bonus Codes

Pros & Cons of Online Poker Bonuses

Basically every online poker room offers a sign-up bonus for new players when they make there first deposit and although it seems there would only be pros to receiving a bonus there are some cons. You can minimize the negatives of bonus codes by checking each websites bonus program before settling on the one which is the best offer out there. This can take some time, but it’s better to spend some time looking for the right bonus rather then jump into any bonus program and never receive your bonus.

On online poker rooms you’ll usually find a match bonus of 100% for new players making there first deposits although the bonus programs do differ between poker rooms. Some poker rooms offer less and some poker rooms offer more, but the norm is a match bonus of 100%. If you can find better then this than you’re doing great and you should take advantage of that bonus. There are always some pros and some cons when dealing with online poker bonuses though, and we’ll look briefly at those now so you know ahead of time.


Financial Gain

When you join a poker room you join it because you want to play poker and you clear your bonus by simply playing poker. This means there really isn’t anything you need to do that you wouldn’t be doing anyways in order to clear your bonus. You should always remember to use a PokerStars Bonus Code when you sign up to make sure you are getting the best bonus available. The financial gain you’ll receive from the sign-up bonus might be enough to put you into the profits for your poker adventure.

Assists in Choosing Room

When you participate in one poker rooms bonus it doesn’t mean you can’t use another poker room’s bonus which means you can play in numerous poker rooms until you find one you like. Play in the poker room until you clear the bonus and if you don’t enjoy the room then you can withdraw your bonus and find another poker room to play in.

No Obligation

When you participate in an online poker bonus at PokerStars it doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to remain playing in that poker room. You can earn the bonus and then leave the poker room with your money and there aren’t any rules or guidelines stopping you from doing this.



All poker bonuses have requirements and you won’t be able to get your poker bonus instantly. There is always a requirement for points you need to earn from playing in the poker room, and until you earn enough player points your bonus won’t be released.


Some websites go as far as setting a time limit on releasing your bonus which means they give you a set amount of time in order to meet the requirements to clear your bonus. If you don’t meet the requirements in the given time period then you’ll be forced to forfeit the bonus opportunity which isn’t to pleasing.

The above factors need to be considered when you’re debating a poker bonus from a poker room. Each poker room have different clearing requirements so to minimize the negatives in clearing your bonus you should choose a poker room which has an easy clearing bonus for players. You can read online to find poker rooms which offer easy clearing bonuses and you should make sure that you do so in order to make sure you don’t risk not receiving any bonus due to requirements or time restraints.

The Key Roles of Specialized Forces

Special Forces play very important roles in ensuring the security of citizens of a country. One of their main roles they well known of is the use of guerilla warfare, also referred to as Unconventional Warfare. Unlike the speedy the speedy direct action that takes the shortest time possible, guerilla warfare takes long, even running to years. The guerilla warfare is usually used to train forces in an enemy dominated and controlled region.

The US army which is well known for this covertly enters a country and cements a relationship with the natives or the local militia. They then train the militia different tactics like disruption, rebellion, collection of intelligence and alternative assisted recovery. All these are aimed at equipping the locals on how to tackle an enemy. An example of a successful unconventional warfare success is the Operation Enduring Freedom where the United States army assisted the opposition ground the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Specialized forces are also charged with the responsibility of securing hostages from kidnappers. Kidnapping cases have been on the raise because it is lucrative. Most of these criminals are after very senior members of the society or people closely related to them. The exercise is usually a risky affair because most of the kidnappers usually pretend that all they are interested in is the ransom money but in the same breath make it clear that any involvement of the police would amount to provocation and the consequences of such an action are usually severe, with most of them threatening to deliver the head of the hostage on a plate if their conditions are met. Such situations are very tender and through the specialized forces involvement, a successful rescue mission, though not guaranteed, there is a high probability.

Terrorist are causing havoc in almost all parts of the world, they throw grenades in malls, some blow their intestines out in shopping malls and bus stops, all in the name of religion. It is for this reason that the specialized forces are usually come in to help prevent these fellows from claiming innocent lives, causing a lot of economic damages as well as expose the human population to health hazards. Terrorism is real and cases related to terrorism are usually taken up seriously and promptly by governments.

Also, specialized forces are used in foreign internal defense cases. With Desire for power and greed of holding positions has led to an increase in the number of insurgency cases. Insurgents are those chaps who try to revolt against the legitimate civil authority to pursue their own selfish needs. If such becomes a case in foreign nation, a government may offer its specialized forces to go and fight alongside the civilians of the foreign country to free and protect the society from anarchy and sedition.

Specialized forces conduct short-duration strikes and other small-scale offensive measures as a special operation to confiscate, raze, exploit damage or even capture the designated targets. Direct actions are usually conducted with precision to realize minimum damage and realize minimal political risks.

All these among other roles the specialized forces play proves that no government can afford to do without some very unique and really high quality security measured as realized through the specialized forces. Though rarely visible to the public eye, you can sleep soundly at night with full knowledge that someone has you back covered.

Playing Poker While Serving Overseas

There are times when soldiers have nothing to do but wait. While they can’t often carry computers, laptops or other electronics with them, someone is usually able to carry a deck or two of cards. These hours of free time are precious, and those who serve wish to enjoy those free moments. This usually leads to a friendly game of cards. The army is not separate from society though, they usually follow the trends. As poker increased in popularity throughout the country, so did the popularity within the army. There are a few notable differences though.

Gambling for money is discouraged within the army. It leads to people owing debts that they are not able to pay, and when your life depends on the person next to you, they don’t want any hard feelings between soldiers. Usually soldiers play for points instead, and in some camps there are leadership boards that those who play try to rise to the top of. There are free sites out there that let you play without risking any money. This is a much safer way to have soldiers play poker then gamble cash. The army wants its soldiers to have a break from the rigors of battle, so they try to do their very best to make sure that when playing poker in the army it is fun. There are even occasions when the troops will be able to partake in a poker tournament.

There are tournaments as well, held back on home turf. The soldiers are able to play with the general public. All proceeds raised go towards the soldiers own charity group that usually helps those who have been injured. The greatness of this kind of poker is doubled. People are able to donate to a charity and see the people it helps face to face. It also increases the moral of the troops to be able just to sit and play poker like everyone else in the world could for a few hours.

Poker has quite the history in the military. It has managed to be played in just about every combat theater in the last 100 years. It was played all of Europe during the World War I and II, in the backs of trucks, little canteens and cafes as well as countless barracks and fox holes. It was played by sailors on the ships in the pacific as well as by those down in the deep in the submarines. Poker went to Korea also during that conflict and then again it made the trip with the soldiers over to Vietnam. Poker has also found its way through Desert Storm and is currently enjoying its stay with the men and women serving in the Middle East. Poker has seen a lot of history around the world and played a huge part in the lives of the men and women making that history. It’s actually quite amazing to think that a deck of playing cards and a game could come to mean so much, to so many for so long. For centuries men have been saying war is hell, you cannot bring your girlfriend, you cannot bring your dog but you can take your playing cards.

Different methods used by players for online poker cheating

One of the most common methods of poker cheating online is collusion. Basically, this cheating method would involve two or more individuals communicating to each other about their cards. This poker cheating method will involve two people who play poker at the same table talking to each other over chat, instant messaging or telephone to discuss their cards. Normally, poker sites have tables with ten players and having knowledge about one hand can make a lot of difference since it will improve your odds by 21% for that hand. If there are more than two players involved, the benefit can be much more and will win majority of the hands during the game.

Multiple accounts

Another poker cheating method that is often used by players is creating multiple accounts on a poker site. This may happen if a player has a proxy IP address or two different internet connections and two accounts to fool the software to think that there are two different persons playing. The player would then log in on both accounts and play on the same tables to get more chances of winning hands since the odds of at least one of the two hands winning the hand would be much higher than a single hand.

Multiple HUDs

Another poker cheating method that is used on poker sites is the use of multiple HUDs or heads up displays. Basically, this is a type of software which can be used to know the hands that have been played, the style as per your hand history and how you play your hands. Every hand that you play would be recorded on different tracker sites and the data would make a history of all your hands for every single tournament and cash game that you play.

What do sites do to stop poker cheating?

Although there are several different poker cheating methods that players tend to use online there are many steps that poker rooms take in order to stop it. Most well known and reputed poker sites today use detection software which allows them to know when a player uses HUD programs. The site would be able to detect what kind of programs are running since when you the download software you would also allow registry permission to the poker site. The poker sites also use codes and algorithms which can prevent the players from dominating a tournament or a cash game. This would be done through different algorithms and would ensure that the winning hand would meet certain statistical and equal distribution norms. This also explains why there are a lot of suckouts and bad beats online.

However, the ability of a poker site is limited when it comes to preventing cheating up to an extent. For this reason it would be your responsibility to ensure that you protect yourself while you play poker online.

Online Poker vs. Offline Poker

If you prefer to play poker on your computer while in the comfort of your own home, you are going to have to decide if you prefer to play online poker or offline poker.

Most fans of poker make the decision to play online poker. Online casinos and poker rooms have done everything they can think of to create an environment that mirrors can actual casino. Including making sure that there are games available for players of all talent levels and bank roll sizes.

Playing means that the player will be pitting their skill and luck against other players. This one of the best ways to access how much a players playing has improved. If they are consistently winning at the low stakes games, they will know that it is time for them to move up to a table that has higher stakes and will most likely provide a higher level of competition for the player. The better the competition is, the more a player’s skills will start to improve.

Most online poker rooms are starting to realize that one of the things that many poker players love are tournaments. It does not seem to matter if the tournament is for something small, like a fifty dollar cash prize, or something major, like a seat at the World Series of Poker, if the online poker room says that they are hosting a tournament, the virtual seats seem to fill up at an extraordinary speed.

Online poker rooms provide an opportunity for individuals to communicate and connect with other poker players. Most of the online poker rooms have a chat room where players can talk to one another, swap tips, and become close friends. Some of the pokerstar rooms have noticed that their members have actually formed a kind of online community.

Offline poker also has a lot to offer poker players. Most people become involved with offline poker after they have picked up a poker software program that they than installed on their computer. This software allows the person to play as much poker as they want without having to worry about if someone is going to hack into the casino’s server and steal a bunch of credit card numbers.

Another advantage of online poker is that the person never has to worry about their internet connection cutting out in the middle of a game. This is a concern that individuals who play poker online are always worrying about.

The software programs come complete with several different types of games and many of them provide tips about what moves the player should make. This can be used as an excellent tutorial, and help the player develop the skills they need if they are ever going to become a good poker player.

Some professionals like to use the offline programs when they are preparing for a tournament. They can set the settings on the program to advanced and create a high stakes game. This allows them to practice for as long they want and develop a game strategy without worrying about gambling away half of their bankroll.

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CSOFC)

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command are not as widely known as their American counterparts, however they may not be as widely recognized because it is a relatively new idea to the rest of Canada, only really made public April of 2006 concerning the war with Afghanistan. However, the Canadian Special Operation Forces can be traced back to two units who did the impossible during World War I. Partnering with the American army the special forces group of years ago earned the name Black Devils for being able to attack Nazi beaches at night.

Now the Canadian Special Forces are used when traditional army methods are not capable of meeting and fighting the threat to Canadian security. Most commonly they are used to fight any acts of terrorism. They are quickly gaining a reputation around the world of being incredibly effective and on the cutting edge of any technology that is available to the military.

They have an extremely positive attitude about what they can do on a mission and it shows in their mission statement. Viam Inveniemus (We will find a way) is the motto that these Canadians do their work by. There is no way for someone to just get into this elite group of the military. Anyone who is interested in a career as a Canadian Special Operations soldier must first apply to the military and go through the rigors of training just as everyone else does, for a minimum of two years. Once you have proven yourself within the thousands of Canadians that make up the military you are free to apply to the Special Force division. There is information sessions available for the public that are interested in a career in the Canadian military and more so in the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command with some regularity. They are always actively recruiting and the information is available on their website.

Also, by visiting their website, you are able to see some of the interactions that the soldiers make while at home. However, most missions are not available for public viewing due to obvious security reasons. One of the more commonly known operations that they were a part of was called Operation Enduring Freedom. This operation was originally called Operation Infinite Justice, but was changed as not to offend the Muslim community, as justice is a word that commonly is used as meaning God.

What makes this elite group of soldiers very unique though, is due to their small group everyone contributes to getting whatever mission accomplished. Rank does not matter, everyone is expected to get their hands dirty when necessary and no one is allowed to hold back. Also because of their size, they are a very close group of soldiers who can and do trust their lives in the hands of the person next to them. They are located near Ottawa, and unlike other soldiers who know when they will be departing this special group is always on call. The families are called upon to be ready at a moments notice to let their loved one go into battle for their country.

FullTiltPoker news articles- FullTilt pros winning major 2011 tournaments

Full Tilt poker news articles are currently full with reports of their pros winning at various major events and tournaments in 2011. with Michael Tureniec winning the main event at the EPT Copenhagen and Alessio Isaia the title of WPT Venice, it is definitely a time to celebrate for Full Tilt!

Full Tilt poker news articles- Michael Tureniec’s victory

Michael Tureniec has won the prize money of $685,000 at the main event of the EPT Copenhagen 2011. This six day prestigious event had attracted as many as 449 players with a prize pool of as much as $2.7 million. Full Tilt pro Michael started at the final table with a chip stack at the fifth place but he held more than two thirds of these chips by the time he went to play against Per Linde for heads up. The players battled it out for more than three hours before Michael won the tournament and the prize money at the main event. Having had the advantage of his chips throughout the tournament, he had always looked to be the favourite. However, Per survived two all ins which managed to double up his stack in no time.

The third time, however, Michael claimed the victory. At the final hand, Michael went all in with his As-Jc that got an instant call from his opponent who had a pocket 7s. The cards at the board had been 2c, 3d, 5c, Jd and 4c. the turn card give Michael his biggest victory in tournament during his career.

Full Tilt poker news articles- Alessio Isaia’s victory

Alessio Isaia won the World Poker Tour’s championship title at WPT Venice 2011. He is also the first ever Italian to win the champion title at WPT. This poker pro earned a cool first prize of 380,000 Euros after a memorable heads up battle which went on for over eight hours. The event had been held in Venice at the Casinio Di Venezia with 523 players entering the event. The tournament saw Alessio in the leading position after day one. He also managed to reach the finale table with the second highest chips.

However, by the time the tournament went heads up, Alessia had just 2,800,000 while the opponent had 12,865,000 chips. It took him more than eight hours to get the title from the opponent from Hungary and finally emerged as the champion and winner after the opponent went all in with Qc and 6c. Alessio called with his Ah and Qd. The board showed Jc 3h 2s 4s 8c and both missed and the championship title went o Alessio. The victory was the largest for his career, taking his career to the next level.